Honeymoon Dive
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Honeymoon Dive - Lindsay Simpson


Format: Trade Paperback
Pub date: 01/09/2010
Category: Biography & True Stories / True crime
Imprint: Macmillan Australia
Price: $34.99

At 10.42 a.m. on 22 October 2003, while diving on the wreck of the SS Yongala on the Great Barrier Reef, an American tourist photographed his new wife for their honeymoon album. Instead the photo would become a vital police exhibit. On the right-hand side of the shot, Tina Watson's body lay 27 metres down on the ocean floor, one arm outstretched, reaching upwards. This is the photograph that shocked millions across Australia and the US.

How could a healthy young woman have died, a mere seven minutes into her dive, when Gabe Watson, her buddy and husband of only eleven days, was a certified rescue diver? And why did he later relay sixteen different versions of what happened that day to other divers, police, friends and family?

Did he cold-bloodedly shut off her air or did he panic after claiming her flailing arms dislodged his mask and regulator? When he ascended to the surface, was it to get help or to callously abandon his bride to her ultimate fate?

These remain the captivating questions at the heart of this true-life thriller. Researched across two continents, Honeymoon Dive is in turns disturbing and enthralling as it painstakingly reconstructs events behind one of Australia's most darkly fascinating tragedies.


Lindsay Simpson worked as an investigative journalist on the Sydney Morning Herald for 12 years. Her previous books include My Husband, My Killer (co-written with Sandra Harvey) and Brothers in Arms. She currently heads the journalism program at James Cook University.

Jennifer Cooke is a multi-award winning journalist who has spent more than 30 years writing for newspapers in Australia, England and Hong Kong. Her first book, Cannibals, Cows & the CJD Catastrophe, won the 1999 Eureka Science Book Prize for popular science.

A former medical, crime and legal reporter on the Sydney Morning Herald, from which she is currently on extended leave, she has covered many controversial court cases.

Some of them were included in Done Like a Dinner, a true-crime book co-authored with Sandra Harvey about crimes and crooks linked to restaurants. She lives near Washington, DC.



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