Like Grandma Used to Make
Like Grandma Used to Make - Rebecca Sullivan


Format: Paperback
Pub date: 01/04/2013
Category: Lifestyle, sport & leisure / General cookery & recipes
Lifestyle, sport & leisure / Cookery / food & drink etc
Imprint: Plum
Pages: 224
Price: $34.99

Rebecca Sullivan's beloved great-grandmother, Lilly, was an award-winning cake-baker, famous for her Victoria sponge. When Lilly passed away, Rebecca realised the wealth of knowledge that had gone with her, and made it her mission to collect and preserve as many recipes and stories as she could, from all the grannies, nonnas and yiayias willing to share their wisdom with her.

In this book, she shares more than 100 recipes for good old-fashioned cooking and practical home crafts, all beautifully photographed and with a contemporary spin.

Crammed with useful tips and tricks, Like Grandma Used to Make is a wonderful gift and a manual for anyone wanting to reconnect with the simplicity and goodness of days gone by.


Rebecca Sullivan has worked with some of the world's most passionate food producers, launching the Real Food Festival in London and the Slow Food Nation in San Francisco. She's farmed coffee in Uganda, done stages with chefs and spent a lot of time learning skills and traditions from grandmothers the world over. As an eco-agronomist, activist, food writer, urban farmer, entrepreneur and home cook, Rebecca is passionate about heritage, preserving traditions, and passing on a wealth of "granny skills" to future generations. Like Grandma Used to Make is Rebecca's first book.