Mothers and Others
Trade Paperback
Mothers and Others - Liane Moriarty


Format: Trade Paperback
Pub date: 01/04/2015
Category: Lifestyle, sport & leisure / Humour collections & anthologies
Imprint: Macmillan Australia
Pages: 384
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'When are you having children?' 'Why didn't you have another child?' 'Well, I guess that's your choice, but...'
They are questions asked of women of a certain age all the time. Beneath them is the assumption that all women want to have children, and the judgment that if they don't, they'll be somehow incomplete. And that's only the beginning...

Being a mother, or not being a mother, has never been so complicated. The list of rights and wrongs gets longer daily, with guilt-ridden mothers struggling to keep on top of it all, and non-mothers battling a culture that defines women by their wombs.

In this collection of fiction and non-fiction stories, Australian women reflect on motherhood: how it should be and how it really is. Their stories tackle everything from the decision not to have children to the so-called war between working and stay-at-home mums. Including special contributions by Rosie Batty and Deborra-Lee Furness, the stories explore every topic from infertility and IVF, to step-parenting and adoption, to miscarriage and breastfeeding, child meltdowns and marriage breakdowns, as well as giving a much-needed voice to those who won't ever be called 'Mum'.

With its unflinching honesty and clear-eyed wisdom, Mothers & Others holds a mirror up to the most romanticised, demonised and complex roles women play: those of mother or non-mother, and daughter.


Natalie Kon-yu, Maya Linden, Christie Nieman, Maggie Scott and Miriam Sved are Melbourne writers, editors and academics who formed a writers group many years ago. In 2013, after they discovered they had each experienced a difficult relationship with a friend, they commissioned Just between Us: Australian writers tell the truth about female friendship to confront the myths around BFFs and backstabbing bitches. With Mothers & Others, they have turned to the complex and sometimes fraught terrain of women's 'fertile' years, to look for the real experiences of Australian women, mothers and non-mothers alike.


27 August 2016
The Sisters in Crime awards - now in their 16th year - are bestowed on the best crime fiction and non-fiction crime for adults, YA and kids published in 2015. Liane Moriarty - last year's Davitt winner for Best Novel - will be this year's special guest presenter at the awards night on August 27. Liane will be in conversation with true crime writer Vikki Petraitis prior to the presentation of the awards.
The Thornbury Theatre Melbourne,
859 High Street Thornbury VIC 3071