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Good as Gold
Patten, Louise


Good as Gold
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Edie was never one to do what she was told.

A brunette among a family of blonds, she was always the rebel. When she is pushed to join the family banking business, she needs distraction. So she begins to delve into the family archive to uncover the truth about her great-grandfather Kit. Branded a coward and a thief, Kit escaped from Titanic and was rumoured to have carried a fortune into the lifeboat with him. What, Edie wonders, happened to it?

Edie's excavations reveal shocking facts about Titanic's sinking that are destined to rock the world. What's more, she unearths some recent secrets that reveal Edie's family business is not all it seems. As she attempts to right her family's wrongs, her position becomes increasingly dangerous. Her twin brother, her parents, her uncle - is there anyone out there she can trust?

Author Information

Louise Patten has worked in business since 1977, first in the banking world and then with strategy consultants Bain & Company. While still in her

thirties, Louise broke through the corporate glass ceiling to become a main board director of her first FTSE 100 company. She has served on a number of

multi-national Boards, not only as a Director, but also as one of the tiny handful of female chairmen of major UK businesses.

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Modern & Contemporary Fiction


320 page/s

In print

$18.99 AUD

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