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McVillain: The Man Who Got Away
McMillan, David


McVillain: The Man Who Got Away
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"Bringing two kilos of fine China White heroin from the Golden Triangle to safe hiding in Melbourne had become a worldwide dance of false trails and triple identities... but the cash rewards at the time might make a saint doubt his calling."

David McMillan should have known better. Born into an establishment family, highly intelligent and well-educated, he sabotaged a career in film and advertising for a life of crime and the love of excitement, money and a beautiful girl.

At 16 he is expelled from a top private school.
At 18 he befriends career criminals.
At 21 he is sleeping rough in an empty warehouse.
At 22 he makes his first million.
At 24 he is one of Australia's most hunted men, mastermind of an international smuggling network.
At 25, he's inside. And plotting his next move...

'McVillain tells the true story of the gentleman rogue who went from high life to low life to hell in a jail cell... and lived to tell the tale. In his best-selling debut, Escape, McMillan tells how he escaped from the notorious Bangkok Hilton and became an international fugitive. In McVillain, he paints a vivid portrait of the artist as a young rogue.

Author Information

David McMillan is a gentleman rogue who went from child television-news presenter on Nine Network's Peter's Junior News to advertising agency producer to a life of crime. He became one of Australia's most notorious international drug traffickers and lived to tell the tale. Following his dramatic escape from prison in Bangkok he became a fugitive, narrowly avoiding a life sentence in Karachi and arrest in Colombia, before retiring to London where he now lives.

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True Crime

Floradale Productions


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$29.99 AUD

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McMillan, David
P/B, A$24.99, Available

McVillain: The Man Who Got Away

McVillain: The Man Who Got Away
McMillan, David
P/B, A$29.99, OP