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Read Tony Park’s latest book CAPTIVE

March 28, 2018

Tony Park is the author of fourteen other African novels and Captive is his latest.

Have a sneak peek of this thrilling new novel.


About the book:

A very eager – and rather naive – Australian lawyer Kerry Maxwell flies into South Africa to volunteer at a wildlife orphanage run by notorious vet, Graham Baird.

Graham is as jaded and reckless as Kerry is law-abiding and optimistic. When Kerry arrives at the animal sanctuary it’s to the news that Graham is imprisoned in Mozambique following a shootout with elephant poachers.

Kerry’s earnest sense of justice takes her to Massingir to help Graham with his case, and into a world of danger. Kidnapped, chased, attacked and betrayed, Kerry learns the bitter truth about the complexities and deadly nature of the war on poaching.

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