Book Information

  • ISBN: 9780330423939
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pub Date: 01/05/2008
  • Category: Children's, Teenage & educational / General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
    Teenage & Young Adult Fiction / Young Adult
  • Imprint: Pan Australia
  • Pages: 408
  • Price: $16.95

As Gracie begins Year 12, she has only one thing on her mind, and it's not school work. It's not even Martin, now that he's dumped her for the third time. It's soccer: a new season, a new team, a new league. This is the big time, the state trials, and Gracie can't wait. Except there's one small problem. She's no longer the biggest fish in the pond, and one of the other players is the cousin of her arch enemy, Annabelle Orion.

Gracie wants to get it right this year, but everything seems to be going wrong – she hardly has time to see her friends, Martin won't talk to her, and she's falling even further behind at school.

Gracie needs help both on and off the field, but when it shows up, it is not from the person she expected...

Author Information

Cath Crowley was born in Rosanna, Melbourne, but traded city life for a lush holiday farm in the foothills of the Strzelecki Ranges where she roamed ten acres of land with her parents, three brothers and two dogs. Cath's first character, Gracie, was born while she was watching some kids play soccer. Gracie Faltrain Gets it Right (Finally) is the third and final book about Gracie Faltrain and follows Cath's highly-acclaimed novel, Chasing Charlie Duskin, which was shortlisted for a Children's Book Council Book of the Year Award in 2006. Cath now lives in Melbourne where she writes books for children.