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  • ISBN: 9781742612195
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Pub Date: 01/02/2014
  • Category: Health & personal development / Advice on education
    Society & social sciences / Society & culture: general
    Society & social sciences / Schools
    Society & social sciences / Primary & middle schools
    Society & social sciences / Secondary schools
    Society & social sciences / Independent schools, private education
  • Imprint: Macmillan Australia
  • Pages: 272
  • Price: $29.99

Bestselling author David Gillespie shows parents how to choose the best school for their kids, how to avoid fees, and how to make a less-than-perfect system better.

David Gillespie has six kids. Like many parents, he and his wife faced some tough decisions when it came to choosing a high school. He calculated that sending his kids to a private school would cost him $1.3 million. A businessman at heart, he thought it worth doing some research to find out what he'd get for his money. In other words, would his kids get better results? The answer was no.

Intrigued, David continued his research, only to discover he was wrong on most counts - as are most parents - when it comes to working out what factors deliver a great education. Among other things, he found out that class size doesn't matter, composite classes are fine, fancy buildings and rolling lawns are a waste of money, the old-school-tie network won't cut it in the new industries and NAPLAN is misread by everyone so is largely meaningless as a measure of quality.

Taking on an entrenched system of vested interests - the unions, the government, our own sense of worth, privilege and entitlement - this book is both a practical guide to getting the best for our kids and a provocative overview of why the system is struggling.

Author Information

Former corporate lawyer, co-founder of a successful software company and consultant to the IT industry, David Gillespie is the best-selling author of Sweet Poison, Big Fat Lies and Toxic Oil. He lives in Brisbane with his wife and six children.


19 July 2019

David Gillespie and Maggie Dent in conversation about his newest book TEEN BRAIN.

6:00 PM

The Pavilion Kiama
2 Bong Bong Street Kiama NSW 2533 Website

2 August 2019

Join David Gillespie at Byron Bay Writers Festival event ABC North Coast Live Broadcast as he discusses his new book TEEN BRAIN.

10:25 AM

Belongil Room
144 Bayshore Dr Byron Bay NSW 2481 Website