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An interview with Jeffrey Archer

April 23, 2020

An interview with bestselling author, Jeffrey ArcherJeffrey Archer

We had the honour of interviewing international bestselling author, Jeffrey Archer while in lockdown. His new book, Hidden In Plain Sight, is out in October, and Nothing Ventured is out now!

Can you tell us a little about the connection between The Clifton Chronicles and your latest books featuring William Warwick, Nothing Ventured and the upcoming Hidden in Plain Sight.

When the Clifton Chronicles came to an end, several people wrote to me saying they’d like to learn more about William Warwick, Harry Clifton’s eponymous hero in his own novels. I’d already given this some thought, so decided to do a series featuring William Warwick, who joins the Metropolitan Police Force as a constable. We will follow his life, watching him rise through the ranks until he reaches Commissioner. Book one [Nothing Ventured] is now out in paperback, and book two, Hidden in Plain Sight , is published in October, in which he becomes a detective sergeant. I’m now working on book three where William rises to the rank of detective inspector.

Where would we find the first mention of William Warwick and when did you know it would develop into a series in its own right?

The first mention of William Warwick is in book two of the [Clifton Chronicles] series, The Sins of the Fatherand the title of the book is ‘William Warwick and the Case of the Blind Witness’. But I didn’t get the idea until some years later.

Can you describe William Warwick in one sentence?

William is brave, decent, ambitious and a little naïve.

Why will readers of The Clifton Chronicles enjoy the William Warwick books?

The Clifton Chronicles is a family saga, which seems to have caught the imagination of my readers. I hope that following the life of William Warwick from the start of his career to its pinnacle – and along the way encountering many who will change his life, from Miles Faulkner, a crooked art collector, and his influential lawyer who bends the law to the point of breaking – to research assistant Beth Rainsford, a woman with secrets who he falls hopelessly in love with – will appeal as much to my readers.

The Sins of the Father: The Clifton Chronicles 2