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Attempting to break a record on GWR Day

November 18, 2020

This morning Aussie strongman Troy Conley attempted to break a Guinness World Record. Troy can deadlift 310kg, has pulled two prime mover trucks tied together (weighing over 21 tonnes!) and is a self-proclaimed ‘cuddly teddy bear’. This #GWRDay Troy attempted ‘most cars pulled by an individual (male)’, raising money for 3 amazing charities.

Unfortunately, Troy didn’t beat the current record of 15 cars but he did have another trick up his sleeve…(watch the video below). He also is ready to train up and try it again as soon as he can!

Troy’s attempt kicked off Guinness World Records’ 24-hour record-breaking marathon as part of this year’s GWR Day.

You can read an interview with Troy here…

And be on the lookout for these other amazing record attempts over the next day and into tomorrow (as #GWRDay is just beginning in other time-zones!). Successful records are being updated LIVE here.

Longest live stream marathon as a quiz master – UK

Greatest height to shoot and catch an arrow – Australia

Longest duration on inline skates while spinning three hula hoops – India

Most backward walkover in 30 seconds – India

Fastest 100 Metres Sack Race – Spain

Heaviest weight lifted with little fingers – Denmark

Most juggling catches on a unicycle (blindfolded) – USA

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