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George Georgievski
George Georgievski

George Georgievski's lunchbox creations have captivated people all over the world, with American Express Magazine crowning him the 'most inspiring lunch creator in the world'. Known as 'the school lunchbox dad', George is an engaged parent to two daughters. He is a prankster and an unashamed daggy 'dad joker', who has taken to social media to share his inspirational bento-style lunchbox creations.

It all began when George took on the responsibility of preparing school lunches for his daughters each day. After searching for great lunch hacks online and finding there wasn't much out there, he began creating his own 'dad-hacks' and recipes and sharing them across his social media channels. Before he knew it, he had an engaged following of more than 130,000 on Instagram and 75,000 on Facebook, and was being asked to present his lunchbox ideas at baby and kids expos across Australia.

George is the author of the bestselling Lunchbox Express and an Australian ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food, which aims to transform the health and wellbeing of communities across Australia.



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