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Hannah Tunnicliffe
Hannah Tunnicliffe

Born in New Zealand, Hannah Tunnicliffe is a self-confessed nomad. She has previously lived in Canada, Australia, England, Macau and, while travelling Europe, a campervan named Fred.

Prior to becoming an author, Hannah was the Human Resources Director for a 4000-employee business in Macau, China. On the completion of a qualification in career counselling she finally decided to apply her learning to herself and quit her job to 'follow her natural enthusiasms'. Among a number of other pursuits (career counseller, fundraising for a local orphanage, eating her body weight in dim sum) she dedicated herself to writing 1000 words per day. Those days and efforts became the first draft for her debut novel, The Colour of Tea (Pan Macmillan, 2011). The Colour of Tea has since been published in seven different languages and was a national bestseller in Canada.

Season of Salt and Honey (Pan Macmillan, 2015) is Hannah Tunnicliffe's second novel, set in Washington State, U.S.A, and inspired by her time living among coastal rainforest in Vancouver, Canada, where her first daughter was born. It explores themes of grief and escape, love and hope and is punctuated with delicious recipes, including several traditional Sicilian dishes and sweets.

Aside from writing, food is Hannah's other great passion. She is founder and co-author of the blog 'Fork and Fiction' which, unsurprisingly, explores her twin loves - books and food. When she is not writing or reading, she can usually be found baking or eating and sometimes all four at the same time (which is probably somewhat hazardous).

Hannah Tunnicliffe currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband and daughters.




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