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James Stryker
James Stryker

James Stryker lives in small-town Pennsylvania, though he grew up in Ogden, Utah. He relocated 2,000 miles to be with the love of his life (also a writer and more importantly, an expert maker of fajitas). He also shares a residence with a pack of pugs who keep his world full of strange scents and his sweaters covered in fur.

James enjoys writing both short and novel-length pieces of speculative and literary fiction. Themes in his work focus toward diversity in the LGBTQ spectrum and the voice of underrepresented or misunderstood points of view. When not writing, James can be found reading, listening to opera at obscene decibels, wearing pedantic vests/sweaters with large buttons, and trying to figure out who in his neighborhood has fabric softener that smells like Dr. Pepper.

Until he is able to do nothing but write (Walden with Wi-Fi), James is part of the leadership team at a customer service center where his primary responsibilities include coaching/mentoring and ensuring that the coffee pot is turned off on Saturdays. Despite his day job and working on new writing projects, James is never too busy to connect with readers or other writers. He welcomes you to check out his website, www.jamesstryker.com, follow him on social media, or drop a line to his email.




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