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Judy Davie
Judy Davie

Years of professional and personal experience have told Judy that if a diet is too complex, dieters won't stay on board. The Greengrocer's Diet grew out of her belief that dieters needed a simple, clear message, and her belief that vegetables - nutrient-rich, low cal and inexpensive - were the solution. Judy road-tested the diet on clients and selected groups, including greengrocers themselves, with amazing result. Participants have lost up to 30 kilograms and reported dramatic improvement in overall health.
Judy has been a passionate advocate of improving peoples' diets for many years. She holds a certificate in Nutritional and Environmental medicine. She is the author of several books, including Read the Label, The Food Coach and Star Foods, co-authored with Joanna McMillan.
In 2001 she identified a gap in the market beyond what was offered by nutritionists and dietitians and so she founded The Food Coach ( In tandem with the publication of The Greengrocer's Diet, she launched a website of the same name, which coaches participants through the diet. Judy is also a food writer, columnist and video presenter.



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