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Silvia Colloca
Silvia Colloca

Silvia Colloca is an Italian-born food lover living in Sydney, Australia and has claimed the mantle of Passionate Italian Home Cook in Australia since arriving here in 2009.

She has authored three books celebrating the food of her homeland Silvia's Cucina, Made In Italy and La Dolce Vita. You might know Silvia from the SBS TV show she hosted, Made in Italy, and her ABC program Silvia's Italian Kitchen, where she invited guest personalities into her kitchen to cook and share stories from their lives.

Since arriving in Australia, Silvia has seen how Italian food is loved around the world. But has also come to understand that it is a cuisine that is perceived as rich and fatty, to be approached occasionally and with some caution. Through sharing her beautiful, traditional recipes, she is striving to change this misapprehension by showing how to cook everyday authentic, healthy Italian food. For although the Mediterranean diet allows the occasional indulgence in rich and festive foods, people are amazed to learn just how simple and healthy everyday Italian cooking can be.

Silvia's passion is to share unfussy, delicious, recipes that have been passed down through her family for generations. Her food is traditional, authentic, simple, and embedded in it is the legacy of the hands of her mother and grandmother.

Italians are fiercely passionate and opinionated about their food, its preparation and its consumption, and Silvia is no exception!