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Terry Memory
Terry Memory

Terry Memory and his wife Gemma live on a sustainable organic farm in the hills of the Huon Valley of Southern Tasmania, Australia. They moved to the Huon Valley from the Yarra Valley after the Black Saturday bushfires over a decade ago. Together with their six children, they began a journey in creating their dream of a genuinely self-sufficient, organic lifestyle. As part of that journey, they have built what they call a Smart Garden using the Technograrian method.

Terry and Gemma's adventurous and entrepreneurial spirits resulted in the creation of the 13 Seeds Hemp farm company. They saw the potential to grow Hemp on their farm and planted their first crop in 2015. As founders of 13 Seeds, they also created Australia's largest range of award-winning Hemp food products and organic skincare, including several Australian firsts. They were pioneers in the Australian hemp industry and created Tasmania's first hemp food manufacturing facility near their farm. 13 Seeds is now listed, via a parent company, on the Australian stock exchange and has thousands of happy customers across Australia and New Zealand. Although no longer involved with the company's day-to-day operation, they gained invaluable insight into the realities of large scale agriculture and commercial food manufacturing.

Their dream now is to help, support, and encourage people in their own Smart Gardens' creation. They believe we can all be far healthier and dramatically reduce the impact that the globalised industrial food system has on our health and the environment with our own personal Smart Garden.



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26 August 2022

Terry Memory built his veggie patch for his family of eight after surviving the Black Saturday bushfires. Determined to become more self-reliant in this era of unpredictable weather events and worsening health caused by highly processed food, he designed a system that combines ancient agrarian traditions with the latest in science and technology to deliver massively increased yields while radically reducing workload. Terry's overview of the deteriorating state of our food supply will inspire you to take a step towards self-reliance, while his practical tips and how to's offer the tools you need to get going. Meticulously researched and passionately argued, with clear and accessible instructions, this is a book for anyone looking to cut costs, improve their health and save the planet. Terry will be joined in conversation by the founder of the Food in My Backyard Program, Christina Giudici. Join them at Fullers Bookshop.

5:30 PM

131 Collins St Hobart TAS 7000