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Beyond 9 Months – podcast

Beyond 9 Months

Hosted by Ruby Matley (author of 9 Months), Beyond 9 Months is a fresh take on modern motherhood. Each episode of the podcast features one-on-one interviews with women, who share glimpses into their unique motherhood journey.

  1. In this episode, Ruby chats with Edwina Batholomew – mother of one, a journalist and TV Presenter.
  2. Ruby sits down with Arabella Gibson, mother of two and the CEO of The Gidget Foundation.
  3. Deborah Sams guests on the podcast this episode, mother of one, and co-founder and creative director at Bassike.
  4. Ruby chats with Erika Lamour, a mother, infant sleep specialist and the founder of The Sleep Dept.
  5. Guest star this week is Felicity Cook, mother, photographer, designer and blogger.
  6. This episode features the CEO and founder of Flora and Fauna, Julie Mathers.
  7. In this episode, Ruby chats with Emmy Samtani, mother of three, and founder and CEO of the parenting app Kiindred.
  8. The guest star this week is Debbie Tan, mother of two boys and one half of Aquabumps.
  9. In this episode, Ruby chats with Justine Cullen, mother of 4 boys and the Editor in Chief at JONES magazine.
  10. Join Ruby as she chats with Melanie Dimmitt, mother of two, a writer and author of the book Special.
  11. Ruby chats with Bronwyn McCahon, mother of 3, former Editor-in-Chief at Cosmopolitan and Dolly magazines and now the co-founder of clothing label PLAY etc.
  12. In this episode, Ruby chats with Alana Nixon and Laura Jackel. Laura is a freelance writer and the mother of two boys. Alana is a communications specialist and the mother of two girls and stepmother of one boy. Together they host the oversubscribed podcast – a podcast for women hell-bent on squeezing the most out of life.

Episodes below: