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Free sneak peek of Maggie Dent’s “From Boys to Men”

July 20, 2020

A preview of the new book from the “queen of common sense” Maggie Dent

From Boys to Men empowers parents with insights, tips and a common-sense approach to help all boys — and their families — thrive as they progress through adolescence, offering hope for a future of adventure, stability, engagement and connection.

Well-known Australian author, parenting and resilience educator, and one of Australia’s favourite boy experts Maggie Dent, offers parents and guardians a compassionate and practical guidebook, packed with advice and ground-breaking techniques on how to stay calm and:

  • Communicate effectively to defuse conflict
  • ‘Unstick’ an unmotivated son
  • Teach them to cope with loss and failure, and how to recover
  • Help them foster healthy friendships and intimate relationships
  • Navigate technology and the digital world.

Find out some of Maggie’s top tips in the free excerpt below!


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