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Go on an adventure with “Tim & Tigon”

September 11, 2020

Incredible endorsements for an incredible story, go on an adventure with Tim & Tigon

Adventurer Tim Cope had a childhood dream: to travel the 10,000 kilometres from Mongolia to Hungary on horseback – a journey undertaken centuries ago by the legendary leader of the Mongols, Genghis Khan.

“A must read. Especially on a rainy day on school holidays” – Anna Meares


“A fun and important book for young readers that will no doubt ignite their own adventurous spirits.” – Jessica Watson

On this journey, Tim met a dog called Tigon.

“Tim & Tigon is not only an engaging tale of adventure, friendship, and resilience, but one that takes young minds well beyond the trappings of modern digital life and into a world fraught with discovery, extraordinary characters, and a culture that is so different to our own. Beautifully written and unique, I have no doubt that this book will be a source of inspiration for curious young minds for decades to come.” – Steve Waugh

For more than three years, Tim and Tigon endured searing heat and bitter cold; dark lonely nights when wolves circled their camp; hunger; despair; joy; and the wild beauty of the landscape that changed constantly around them.

“Tim Cope is not only an inspiring Australian adventurer, but a talented and engaging writer with a story that is pertinent for our times. Tim & Tigon reminds us that despite the increasing role the digital world plays in our lives, there is no substitute for going out and discovering the planet for ourselves. I would highly recommend this book to any parent looking to foster the spirit of adventure in their children.” – Dick Smith

They met the people of the steppe, who welcomed Tim and Tigon into their homes, and shared their traditions and histories.

“Tim is a true living adventurer and a fine role model for any young folk with a bit of an adventure streak.” Paul West

This is the story of a unique journey filled with the spirit of the pioneering explorers of old.

Tim and Tigon is a superbly crafted book about his 10,000km, three year horseback journey across the Eurasian steppe from Mongolia to Hungary, a modern-day classic… Tim expertly portrays not only the arduous journey and his immersion in nomad culture but the beautiful relationship that developed between he and his Kazakh dog, Tigon… A wonderful story, bung it on your reading list.” – Eric Phillips

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