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Jean Kittson shares her tips for keeping ageing parents healthy!

April 1, 2020

Jean Kittson shares tips for keeping ageing parents healthy!

After the success of her previous book, You’re Still Hot to Me, Australian performer, writer and comedian Jean Kittson was compelled by her parents ageing to write her latest book, We Need to Talk About Mum & Dad. Jean’s wealth of knowledge comes directly from helping her parents, the lovely Elaine (95) and Roy (92). Both parents are extremely independent and are adamant they won’t change as they enjoy the twilight of their lives.

Jean’s book serves as a warm, witty and understanding guide to helping children as they parent their parents. Jean’s goal in We Need to Talk About Mum & Dad is to help people protect the health and wellbeing of the elderly who are not keen on any loss of independence. Full of expert advice, this book has never been more relevant in making sure your loved ones are in good health.

To start on your parent parenthood journey, we are sharing chapter 8, Helping our elders stay healthy.

Within, find information on the following:

  • Keep an eye on your elders’ health whether they like or want it or not. Because they will need it.
  • Regularly review your elders’ health can reduce the impact of ageing and nursing home admissions.
  • Navigating medical appointments.
  • Organising their medications.
  • Checking their teeth, eyes and ears.
  • Checking for signs of forgetfulness.
  • Checking their life for purpose and meaning.
  • Ensuring you join them on walks and eating together by visiting often and having fun.


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