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Lucy Treloar wins the 2020 Barbara Jefferis Award for ‘Wolfe Island’

November 19, 2020

Lucy Treloar wins 2020 Barbara Jefferis Award

Congratulations to Lucy Treloar. Her novel, Wolfe Island has won the 2020 Barbara Jefferis Award for Fiction.

‘A work that is more than powerful: it’s transformative.’ Australian Book Review

Kitty Hawke, the last inhabitant of a dying island sinking into the wind-lashed Chesapeake Bay, has resigned herself to annihilation…

Until one night her granddaughter blows ashore in the midst of a storm, desperate, begging for sanctuary. For years, Kitty has kept herself to herself – with only the company of her wolfdog, Girl – unconcerned by the world outside, or perhaps avoiding its worst excesses. But blood cannot be turned away in times like these. And when trouble comes following her granddaughter, no one is more surprised than Kitty to find she will fight to save her as fiercely as her name suggests…

A richly imagined and mythic parable of home and kin that cements Lucy Treloar’s place as one of our most acclaimed novelists.

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