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Pan Macmillan Children’s and YA authors love their local bookshops!

August 6, 2019

It’s LOVE YOUR BOOKSHOP DAY this Saturday, 10 August. We’re gearing up for a wonderful day, celebrating the charm, warmth and community of a local bookshop.

In the lead-up, we’re sharing some quotes from our amazing authors about what makes their local bookshop so important to them. To kick things off, we’ve asked some of our authors of Children’s and Young Adult books.

So, Andy Griffiths, what makes your local bookshop so special?

“There’s nothing I like more than walking into my local bookshop, Book and Paper, and being greeted by the warm smiles of Sue and Wenche. They always make me—and all their other customers—feel very welcome. Good conversation, an amazing selection of books and I never fail to leave without a life-changing book that I didn’t even know I needed before I walked in. Support your local bookshop and they’ll support you!”

Andy Griffiths, author of the Treehouse series


And, you Simmone Howell, what do you love about bookshops?

“Bookshops are my favourite places to hang out and I send thanks and solidarity to all booksellers. I hope on Love Your Bookshop Day you get dream customers, excellent coffee and a little lull where you dip into whatever last caught your eye … Sending a shout-out to Squishy Minnie in Kyneton, a specialist kids and teens bookshop: gorgeous space, smart, passionate staff, great workshops and in-stores. Don’t go changin’.”

Simmone Howell, co-author of Take Three Girls


And, Jules Faber, author of the upcoming middle-grade children’s book The Quest Diaries of Max Crack, what do you have to say about bookshops?

“I love bookshops but each has its own unique magic, making a favourite very hard to choose. From the dedicated Children’s Bookshop in Beecroft and their incredible range to Collaroy Books with their charming wine garden, they all have something wonderful to offer. Bookstores are a central station of portals to multiple times, dimensions and universes just waiting for me to choose one. I can’t resist the opportunities they offer me to live other lives and visit other worlds.”

Jules Faber, author of The Quest Diaries of Max Crack


A.J. Betts has a few shout outs! Which bookshops are special to you, A.J.?

“My favourite bookstores are warm and welcoming, and a little bit magic. Every time I walk into New Edition bookstore in Fremantle, I know I’ll find something surprising. The staff are knowledgeable and passionate – and a little bit magic too. Also in Fremantle, Paper Bird bookstore is brimming with colour and fun, and plenty of kids busily making artworks of their own. And I have never left a Dymocks store anywhere in Australia without a smile and another book or two under my arm.”

A.J. Betts, author of Hive and Rogue


Fiona Wood has a message to booksellers, Australia-wide:


“For curating that magical space, for recommending books you love to me, for recommending my books to others, I send huge and heartfelt thanks to all the booksellers on Love Your Bookshop Day.”

Fiona Wood, co-author of Take Three Girls






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