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Beyond 9 Months – a podcast by Ruby Matley

Hosted by Ruby Matley (author of 9 Months), Beyond 9 Months is a fresh take on modern motherhood. Each episode of the podcast features one-on-one interviews with women, who share glimpses into their unique motherhood journey.

Word for Word – a podcast by Macquarie Dictionary

Australian English has many fascinating stories, interesting etymologies, and wonderfully weird slang. The language is constantly evolving as the world around us changes; new words are created, meanings change, and other things get left behind. In Word for Word, we explore the surprising histories behind everyday words and phrases, go behind the scenes with the dictionary editors, and meet some of Australia’s most interesting word-lovers, from Scrabble champions to hip-hop artists.

Join us as we explore our language: the ways we use it, the ways we abuse it, and the ways we ultimately change it.

What Should I…? – a podcast from Pan Macmillan

Hosted by Edwina Bartholomew, What Should I… features one-on-one interviews with writers and educators, nutritionists and cooks, travellers and thinkers, who talk about what we should eat, think, or read, to live happier, more fulfilling lives, on the inside and out.