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Praise for Peter Watt’s Colonial series

July 15, 2021

Praise for Peter Watt’s Colonial series

The Queen’s Colonial

“If you love a sweeping, soaring Historical Fiction then look no further! The Queen’s Colonial is for you!” – Brooklyn the bookworm

“Watt once again takes the reader on a terrific character-driven adventure.” – Canberra Weekly

“A master storyteller with many books to his name, this is the first of an intriguing new series which will, judging by this first book, appeal to his fans and attract new followers.” – Toowoomba Chronicle

“…an engrossing family saga full of Watt’s interesting characterisations weaving in and out of the story, enduring the vagaries and ironies of life.” – Historical Novel Society

The Queen’s Tiger

“Peter Watt brings to the fore all the passion, adventure and white-knuckle battle scenes that made his beloved Duffy and Macintosh novels so popular in The Queen’s Tiger.” – Australian Arts Review

“…full of action, romance and family betrayal. Thoroughly recommend this book.” – Beauty and Lace

“One of the things that i really enjoyed about this book is the descriptions of the women… these women are taking charge of their lives within the rules of their times and are attempting to do things that women were not allowed to do.” – Lizbie’s Nerdy World

“Watt’s background as soldier, police officer and private investigator gives legitimacy to his vivid descriptions of warfare, as well as detailed intrigue.” – South Coast Register

“…a cracker of a read. … This is a vivid and pacy novel that will satisfy readers with an historical interest and with a dash romance.” – The Weekly Times

“Peter Watt has once again delivered an electrifying and enthralling piece of historical fiction with The Queen’s Tiger.” – Unseen Library

The Queen’s Captain

“…jammed full of action and adventure.” – Canberra Weekly

“The Colonial series by Peter Watt is perfect for any military history buffs in your life” – @nicbookpanda

“These books have all been quite fast paced and very action packed – the battle scenes are expertly written. … it’s always been one thing that’s been amazing about these books and you really get that feeling of chaos and helplessness and violence and desperation.”– All the Things I Can Read

“Watt is a fantastic Australian author who has written a huge collection of amazing historical fiction novels, most of which are set in Australia or feature Australian characters.” – Unseen Library

“The Queen’s Captain by Peter Watt was another amazing and enjoyable historical fiction novel that takes the reader on a series of fast-paced adventures around the world.” – Unseen Library