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Read a snippet of The Queen’s Tiger by Peter Watt

October 22, 2019

Read a snippet of The Queen’s Tiger by Peter Watt

The Queen’s Tiger, the epic sequel to Peter Watt’s 2018 novel, The Queen’s Colonial, is out 12 November. To celebrate the upcoming highly anticipated follow-up, you can now read the first three chapters of the book!

The Queen’s Colonial follows Ian Steele, who dreams of a life in uniform serving in Queen Victoria’s army. Another man, Second Lieutenant Samuel Forbes, an aristocratic young poet, wants nothing more than to discard his officer’s uniform. When the two men cross paths in the colony of New South Wales in 1845, they are struck by their brotherly resemblance. The men quickly hatch a plan for Ian to take Samuel’s place in the British army.

In The Queen’s Tiger, Ian and Samuel’s story is revisited 12 years later in London. Ian, known to all as Captain Samuel Forbes, prepares for the real Samuel Forbes to return home. Set to the backdrop of Persia, India and London, The Queen’s Tiger takes us through a journey of time and character-driven adventure.

Click below to read the first three chapters of The Queen’s Tiger.

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