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The Good Cop is coming to the small screen!

January 16, 2019


If you can’t get enough of true crime, you are in luck!

The TV adaptation of The Good Cop by Justine Ford is hitting screens on 31 January.


About the show:

Ron Iddles is The Good Cop, one of the best homicide detectives Australia has ever seen.

This is the story of an old-school cop who is tough, inventive and incorruptible. A man who solved the unsolvable with his head and his heart. How did this intuitive cop put more murderers behind bars than any other homicide detective in Australia?

Told by Ron, each episode will take you behind the scenes of his most challenging murder cases. Complementing Ron’s story will be powerful insights from the victims’ families, his homicide colleagues, journalists and even Ron’s informants and suspects.

This series looks at 6 cases that Ron investigated over his career.

Ron Iddles: The Good Cop will air on Foxtel’s Crime + Investigation channel on Thursdays at 7.30pm AEDT from 31 January.

We’re delighted to have released a special TV Tie-In edition of the book which is available to purchase now. 

The Good Cop by Justine Ford

“A – Assume nothing. B – Believe nothing. C – Check everything.” Ron Iddles

In an incredible twenty-five year career as a homicide detective, Ron Iddles’ conviction rate was 99%. Yet that only partly explains why Iddles is known to cops and crims alike as ‘The Great Man’.

Tough, inventive and incorruptible, Ron has applied his country cunning and city savvy to over 320 homicide cases – some of them the most infamous, compelling and controversial crimes in the nation’s history.

Ron Iddles never gave up on a ‘lost’ cause. He became a regular on the nightly news, he became the dogged face of Australian justice, and to families of victims, Ron was both a shoulder to cry on and an avenging angel.

This is the extraordinary inside story of a real crime crusader. Ron Iddles. The Good Cop.