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The toilet paper alternative you’ve been waiting for!

April 6, 2020

The toilet paper alternative you’ve been waiting for!🚽

There’s a lot of panic about buying toilet paper these days. The COVID-19 pandemic is making it harder than ever for families buying essentials. To help, the authors of A Family Guide to Waste-Free Living are here to show you how to make your own essentials amid the coronavirus shortages!

Lauren and Oberon Carter are the husband and wife team behind 2019’s A Family Guide to Waste-Free LivingTogether, they have one goal, help other families begin their journey to reducing waste inside the home. Transitioning to a highly sustainable and earth-friendly home is a process and one that Lauren and Oberon want to help you with. In their practical and inspiring book, they talk about the hard facts of toilet paper consumption and provide a DIY guide to making ‘family cloth’ – a way to circumvent using too much loo paper.

Unfortunately, most supermarket brands of toilet paper are wrapped in plastic or plastic-lined paper. If you’re aiming to reduce your toilet paper substantially, some of Lauren and Oberon’s tips are:

  • Use less paper – start learning to make do with a square or two!
  • Chose a bidet! This eliminates toilet paper completely
  • Choose recycled toilet paper
  • Avoid triple-layered and extra-soft toilet paper
  • Install a composting toilet – this saves 10,000 litres of water per person per year

To show you how to start living a low-waste life and to combat the Australian toilet paper shortage, Lauren and Oberon have shared a DIY guide to making ‘family cloth’ below!

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