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Three free recipes from the new book, ‘The Heart Health Guide’

September 20, 2020

Three free recipes from the new book, The Heart Health Guide

From the bestselling author of The Mediterranean Diet and The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, Australia’s leading expert on the Mediterranean diet, Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos, shows us how to improve our heart health with The Heart Health Guide.

Heart disease is the single leading cause of death in Australia. Every one of us either has or knows someone who has a common risk factor of heart disease, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Diet is a key factor in preventing and reducing the risk factors of heart disease. Scientifically backed by decades of peer-reviewed research, the Mediterranean diet is a rigorously tested diet that has been proven to prevent heart disease and diabetes, help with weight management, and promote longevity. In The Heart Health Guide Professor Itsiopoulos show us a proven pathway to better heart health as much as it promotes long-term good health and wellbeing.

Professor Itsiopsulos shares some of her heart health tip and recipes below.

  • Stuffed baby pumpkins with pumpkin and turmeric yoghurt
  • Beetroot, tahini and yoghurt dip
  • Souzoukakia

The Heart Health Guide

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

The Mediterranean Diet

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