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Two Pan Macmillan books shortlisted for 2020 Australian Book Design Awards

April 8, 2020

Two Pan Macmillan books shortlisted for 2020 Australian Book Design Awards 🏆

Pan Macmillan is thrilled to announce two of our books have been nominated for the 2020 Australian Book Design Awards!

This week the 68th Australian Book Design Awards 2020 shortlist was announced by the ABDA (Australian Book Design Awards) committee. Pan Macmillan is thrilled to announce that two of our titles are nominated for their cover artworks. The ABDA committee described this year’s shortlist as ‘original, brave, creative and beautiful books.’

Shortlisted in the Best Designed Children’s/Young Adult Series is Astred Hicks for RogueAstred designed the covers for both titles in the award-winning YA duology by AJ Betts, The Vault Series. Hayley is a beekeeper in the strict social structure that is the only home she has ever known. Rogue is the second book in the dystopian duology that follows Hayley down the rabbit hole she can’t climb back up.

Nominated for The RMIT University Award for Best Designed Non-fiction Book is Debra Bilson for her work on #MeToo. The anthology pays homage to the sweeping 2017 feminist movement of the book’s namesake. The collection includes contributions from 35 women outlining their personal stories of the common daily sexual harassment still ongoing in Australia.

The Australian Book Design Awards were made in the hopes of shining a light on the incredible design work of Australian book designers. The ABDAs hope to bring together the wider Australian publishing community to celebrate the success of Australian talent. Therefore helping to foster emerging to talent in hopes of helping the industry thrive as a result.

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the ABDA stated that the ‘committee made the very difficult decision to postpone the 68th Annual Book Design Awards 2020, which were due to be held 22 May 2020.’  Therefore Pan Macmillan will have to eagerly look forward to the winner’s announcement to be made later in the year.

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