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The Lost Boys
de Brito, Sam


The Lost Boys
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Ned is 15. He and his friends while away their days smoking dope, trying to root chicks and surfing at Maroubra. Ned's life is only just beginning - tomorrow, some time.

Ned is 35. He and his mates drift through the days snorting cocaine, trying to root chicks, clinging to the pub and surfing at Bondi. For Ned, this is it - tomorrow never came.

What happens when life passes you by? When the drugs no longer work and the promise of the future has become the wreckage of the past? What happens when a generation of men lose their way?

Confrontingly honest, blackly funny, The Lost Boys is a compelling look at the dark side of being a 21st century man from a powerful new voice in fiction.

Author Information

Sam de Brito has spent more than a decade writing for TV, film and newspapers. His Sydney Morning Herald blog, All Men are Liars, expounds on the business of being a bloke. His first book, No Tattoos Before You're Thirty, offers advice to his unborn children. The Lost Boys is his first novel.

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Pub. Date:

Modern & Contemporary Fiction

Picador Australia

420 page/s

Awaiting reissue

$22.99 AUD

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