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Love, in Theory Elodie Cheesman

'A stunning romantic comedy ... fun, warm and perceptive' Jessie Stephens

Elodie Cheesman's joyous debut is a modern take on the age-old decision between following your head or your heart in the search for love.

There's an algorithm for everything else, so why not love?

When 24-year-old lawyer Romy learns that she is at her 'optimal stopping point' (the mathematically designated point at which one should select the next 'best person' who comes along in order to have the best chance at happily ever after), she knows it's time to get serious about her love life.

Ruthlessly rational, with a belief in data over destiny, Romy knows that reliability and consistency are dependable options, while passion and lust are transitory and only bring pain and disillusionment.

That's why sensible Hans the engineer is the right choice, as opposed to graphic designer James who exhibits the kind of behaviour that has got her into trouble before. Isn't he?


'Cheesman plays with love's biggest questions, like: Is finding a life partner chaos? Or could there be an underlying logic? A hopeful, feel-good read, Love, in Theory perfectly captures the beauty - and occasional horror - of dating in the modern age.' - Jessie Stephens, author of Heartsick