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Lost on Earth
Crombie, Steve


Lost on Earth
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"The only way I am coming home is by bike or by box," Steve Crombie writes when he first hits the road, travelling 90,000kms from Australia to the Arctic Circle via South America. It takes him two years. He suffers from dehydration, starvation and disease. He rebuilds his motorcycle four times.

Along the way Steve not only tests his limits but meets the world head on - waking up behind iron bars in Tierra Del Fuego; traversing the length of the Amazon with a 260 kilogram motorcycle in tow; evading pumas in Guyana; skimming across the Caribbean on a yacht with wanted criminals; dodging bullets in Nicaragua and finally paddling a few laps in the Arctic Ocean.

Lost on Earth is an adrenaline rush, taking the reader to the wilds of South America, with a man who made the dream of following a road less travelled into a reality. Hitch a ride.

Author Information

Steve Crombie is a documentary filmmaker, writer and keynote speaker. After seven years chasing a dream it has now become a sustainable reality. Steve is one of few people in the world with "Adventurer" as his full-time profession; it's even on his business card. Go to his website:

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Travel Writing

Macmillan Australia


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Lost on Earth

Lost on Earth
Crombie, Steve
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