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Taming Toxic People: The Science of Identifying and Dealing with Psychopaths at Work & at Home

eBook $16.99


Book Information

  • ISBN: 9781760555047
  • Format: eBook
  • Pub Date: 25/07/2017
  • Category: Health & personal development / Popular psychology
    Society & social sciences / Abnormal psychology
  • Imprint: Macmillan Australia
  • Price: $16.99

"I didn't know how to deal with the poisonous and toxic people in my life or why they behaved the way they did, so I went looking for an answer. This book is what I found."

Bestselling author David Gillespie turns his attention to a phenomenon that damages businesses, seeds mental disease and discomfort and can bring civilisations to the brink of implosion - the psychopath.

Psychopaths are often thought of as killers and criminals, but actually five to ten per cent of people are probably psychopathic without ever indulging in a single criminal act. These everyday psychopaths may be charming in the early stages of relationships or employment but, Gillespie argues, their presence in your life is at best disruptive, and at worst highly dangerous: they will leave you feeling cheated and humiliated, dominating and manipulating you to the point where you question your sanity. Worse, he cautions, at a societal level their tendency to gravitate towards positions of power can be disastrous.

Taming Toxic People is a practical guide to restraining that difficult person in your life, be it your boss, your spouse or a parent. But it is also a serious and meticulously researched warning: if we value a free and well-functioning society, we need to rebuild the sense of community that has historically kept the everyday psychopath in check, and we must understand and act to manage the psychopathic behaviour in our midst.


Long-listed for ABIA General Non-fiction Book of the Year 2018Long-listed for ABIA General Non-fiction Book of the Year 2018.

Author Information

"Gillespie is academically gifted, a linguist, excellent at most things he turns his mind to...he's a polymath, an old-fashioned Renaissance man, who finds few things dull and everything else interesting." The Courier Mail

For the last ten years, former lawyer and bestselling author David Gillespie has devoted himself to exposing forces in today's society that work against our interests as consumers and citizens. Beginning with the Sweet Poison books - a series which kick-started Australia's anti-sugar revolution - he followed those up with Big Fat Lies and Toxic Oil, both about the dangers of seed oils in our diet. He then focussed on education in Free Schools, before returning to the topic of human nutrition in Eat Real Food.

Now David turns his attention to another endemic societal threat - the everyday psychopath.


19 July 2019

David Gillespie and Maggie Dent in conversation about his newest book TEEN BRAIN.

6:00 PM

The Pavilion Kiama
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2 August 2019

Join David Gillespie at Byron Bay Writers Festival event ABC North Coast Live Broadcast as he discusses his new book TEEN BRAIN.

10:25 AM

Belongil Room
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