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Check out some of the upcoming books from Pan Macmillan Australia.

How To Keep Your Brain Young


The Colonial's Son

The Younger Wife

The Fairytale

Midnight in the Snow


Mercy: An Atlee Pine Novel 4


Theroux The Keyhole: Diaries of a grounded documentary maker

The Happiest Man on Earth: Illustrated Edition

LEGO Merry Christmas: A Push, Pull and Slide Book


Kangaroo Beach: Frizzy's Treasure Hunt

Green Thumb

Home Made

CSIRO Low-Carb Diabetes Every Day

Kangaroo Beach: Brave in the Waves

Kangaroo Beach: Beach Buddies

Kangaroo Beach: Fun in the Sun

Flying Angels

Weight-loss Success

Guilt-free Snacks

The Bumper Treehouse Fun Book

To Paradise


Lost & Found

Junior Atlas of Indigenous Australia

The Christie Affair

Speaking in Thumbs

How to Leave Your Psychopath

The Atlas Six: The Atlas Book 1