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Check out some of the upcoming books from Pan Macmillan Australia.

Daddy's Girls

Last Survivor

If I Can't Have You

The Lost City


Gemma Riley and the Fashion Fiasco

The Pull of the Stars

There's A Zoo in My Poo

A Dance With Fate: A Warrior Bards Novel 2

The Happiest Man on Earth

The Inner Self

The Question of Love

You Were Made For Me

Conjuror Cow

The Patron Saint of Pregnant Girls

Rising Heart

A Year of Simple Family Food

The CSIRO Low-carb Diabetes Diet & Lifestyle Solution

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

The Evening and the Morning

Trouble the Saints

The Survivors

A Royal Affair

The Wrong Mr. Darcy

I Hold a Wolf by the Ears

The Harpy

The Doors of Eden

The History of Living Forever

Drowned Country


Confidence in the Kitchen

The Hidden Girls

The City of Tears