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A sneak peek of Mark Wales’s extraordinary ‘Survivor: Life in the SAS’

May 25, 2021

A sneak peek of Mark Wales’s extraordinary Survivor: Life in the SAS

Mark Wales thought his life would end in a cornfield in Afghanistan.

Mark and his SAS troops emerged from that scorched battlefield twelve hours later, his mentor gunned down, his dream career now a nightmare. Over four deployments of intense warfighting, Mark watched the line between right and wrong become blurred. When he left the SAS he was adrift, crippled by guilt.

On a mission to rebuild himself, Mark turned his life around. He fought his way into the gates of a US Ivy League business school and into the boardrooms of top-tier international corporations. He spent years navigating failure in a quest to find new meaning in life.

Told with gripping suspense, humour and touching warmth, Survivor: Life in the SAS is Mark’s extraordinary life in and out of the SAS, a story of resilience and a testament to the power of transformation.

Find out more about Mark’s story in our exclusive extract below, and order your copy here.

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