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Di Morrissey
Di Morrissey

Di Morrissey is one of the most successful and prolific authors Australia has ever produced. She trained as a journalist, working in newspapers, magazines, television, film, theatre and advertising around the world. Her fascination with different countries - their cultural, political and environmental issues - has been the catalyst for her novels, which are all inspired by a particular landscape.

Di is a tireless and passionate advocate and activist for many causes. She is an avid supporter of Greenpeace, speaking out on issues of national and international importance. She established The Golden Land Education Foundation in Myanmar (Burma), and is an Ambassador for Australia's Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children. Di also publishes and edits a free community newspaper.

In 2017, in recognition of her achievements, Di was inducted into the Australian Book Industry Awards Hall of Fame.

To find out more, visit www.dimorrissey.com and www.facebook/DiMorrissey. You can follow Di at @di_morrissey on Twitter and @dimorrisseyauthor on Instagram.

Di's titles include: Heart of the Dreaming, The Last Rose of Summer, Follow the Morning Star, The Last Mile Home, Tears of the Moon, When the Singing Stops, The Songmaster, Scatter the Stars, Blaze, The Bay, Kimberley Sun, Barra Creek, The Reef, The Valley, Monsoon, The Islands, The Silent Country, The Plantation, The Opal Desert, The Golden Land, The Winter Sea, The Road Back, Rain Music, A Distant Journey, The Red Coast and Arcadia.




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