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Patricia Bernard
Patricia Bernard

Patricia Bernard has written over 40 books that have been published in Australia, NZ, Germany, Russia and the USA. When not writing, she visits primary and high schools to perform writers' workshops. When not doing that she travels. She has been to 111 countries, many more than once. Patricia lives in a miner's cottage in Sydney with two small dogs and a daughter.

Tricia Oktober is an Australian artist whose work has been exhibited around the world: from Paris in 1974 all the way through to Botanica 2000-2005, 2007, 2008. She has worked as an author-illustrator on many books for children, mostly on Australian Flora and fauna and environment. She has had solo exhibitions in Europe, America and Australia. Tricia has been awarded the Royal Zoological Whitley Award 6 times, the Environmental Award 4 times, the UNESCO Award, Best Illustrator - Children's Books 1992 and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Wilderness Society in 2004.