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Tony Park
Tony Park

In the course of a wonderfully diverse career, Tony Park has worked as a journalist, press secretary, PR consultant and freelance writer. Such a variety of roles provided Tony with the ideal background for his current work as one of Australia's leading fiction authors.

A 34-year stint in the Australian Army Reserve, in which he served as an infantryman, an air dispatcher, parachutist and, a public relations officer, including service in Afghanistan, has also shaped his writing.

Other than writing, Tony's passion is travelling. He and his wife, Nicola, first visited Africa in 1995, on a trip which would change their lives forever. As seasoned travellers, the Australian tourists weren't expecting to fall in love with this distant continent, but the unparalleled beauty of Africa - the stunning landscapes, vibrant wildlife and unforgettable people - struck a chord. They returned, annually, and since Tony's first novel, Far Horizon, was released in 2004 they have spent six months of the year in Africa, and the remainder of their time on Sydney's north shore. In 2012 they bought a house in a wildlife reserve in South Africa that now serves as the base for their travels.

Tony is a keen supporter of several initiatives dedicated to the preservation of the wildlife and the upliftment of people in his beloved Africa. He is a patron of Painted Dog Conservation Inc., a charity focused on the survival of the most endangered large carnivore in Africa, the Painted Dog. Tony also volunteers on the ground and in communications for Veterans for Wildlife, an international organisation protecting the world's critically endangered species, with support from former service personnel.

In addition to his writing and philanthropic work, Tony, with Nicola and some friends, has invested in a luxury safari property, Nantwich Lodge in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Tony describes Nantwich as the place that has most inspired his earlier writing. Formerly a Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Service camp, Nantwich had fallen into disrepair and partly burned down. The Parks and their friends were instrumental in funding the restoration and redevelopment of this site, now open to the public as a premium holiday destination.

Southern Africa has provided Tony with more than just a home, tourism business and philanthropic ventures. It is the centrepiece of his writing, and the primary setting for his significant body of work. Tony is the author of nineteen novels set in Africa: Far Horizon, Zambezi, African Sky, Safari, Silent Predator, Ivory, The Delta, African Dawn, Dark Heart, The Prey, The Hunter, An Empty Coast, Red Earth, The Cull, Captive, Scent of Fear, Ghosts of the Past, Last Survivor and Blood Trail.

Tony's creative process also draws inspiration from his past and present; his time with the Army Reserve and his devotion to animal conservation. He is also the co-author of several non-fiction books, including Part of the Pride (with Kevin Richardson), War Dogs (with Shane Bryant), The Grey Man (with John Curtis) and Courage Under Fire (with Daniel Keighran VC).



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