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First preview of Matthew Reilly’s “The Two Lost Mountains”!

August 6, 2020

Free sneak peek of The Two Lost Mountains by Matthew Reilly

Internationally bestselling author Matthew Reilly’s latest book in the Jack West Jr Series The Two Lost Mountains is coming out in October.

Against all the odds, Jack West Jr found The Three Secret Cities but at a heartbreaking cost. His beloved daughter Lily, it appeared, was slaughtered by Sphinx in a cruel ancient ritual.

With his rivals far ahead of him, Jack must now get to one of the five iron mountains — two of which have never been found — and perform a mysterious feat known only as ‘The Fall’. Although what is this object on the moon that is connected to it?

Amid all this, Jack will discover that a new player has entered the race, a general so feared by the four legendary kingdoms they had him locked away in their deepest dungeon. Only now this general has escaped and he has a horrifying plan of his own …

We are thrilled to continue the Jack West Jr adventure and are excited to share a preview of The Two Lost Mountains with you below!