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Flyaway is the debut Australian fairytale of our dreams

July 14, 2020

Flyaway is the debut Australian fairytale of our dreams

Kathleen Jennings is the three-time World Fantasy and one-time Hugo shortlisted illustrator behind the Aussie fairytale of our dreams. Or maybe our nightmares…

Based in Brisbane, Kathleen has recreated the Australian environment around her to write Flyaway. This debut novel is a gothic fairytale that incorporates some incredible Aussie creatures and folklore. The atmospheric writing in Flyaway is lyrical and will take you on a journey through the magic of your own backyard.

Flyaway follows the story of Bettina Scott. Bettina lives a peaceful, quiet life in Runagate, Queensland. She tends to her garden at the same time and the same care as she does her delicate-mannered old mother. This is how she keeps her mind occupied since her father and brothers went missing …

Bettina is satisfied living this way, at least until a note arrives that leads her into a search for her missing family. After enlisting the help of two old friends, she begins to unravel the secrets around her.

With recommendations from the likes of Garth Nix, Holly Black, Kelly Link and Margo Lanagan, Kathleen’s debut is sure to be the thrilling fantasy novel to round out a year of spectacular science fiction and fantasy novels.

Start this Australian debut if you’re ready to explore the terrible and thrilling beauty of fairytales! Flyaway will be available in all good bookstores in July.

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