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Happy World Book and Copyright Day!

April 23, 2020

Happy World Book and Copyright Day!

There has never been a more important time to keep reading than in 2020! Through books, we can experience other people’s lives, travel to new places and escape from isolation, even if only in our minds.

To continue to educate, inspire and ‘travel’, reading remains as a source of joy and hope. Books are scientifically proven to reduce feelings of loneliness, which may help many in isolation during lockdown.

During April, a month-long celebration of World Book and Copyright Day, we encourage everyone to read! Reading provides learning, joy and escapism. This month of reading can be a source of entertainment and education for the whole family.

Bookshops around the country are now bringing books to you with revised hours, phone and online orders for pick-up or delivery.

Follow @backyourbookshop on Instagram or Twitter to find your local bookshop and support these local businesses doing it tough due to the global pandemic of COVID-19.



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