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Meet the author of ‘How to Spot the (Star) Signs’

October 30, 2023

Meet the author of How to Spot the (Star) Signs

My name is Matt and I’m a writer, editor, oracle for hire, mystical being from another dimension, and more. But today, first and foremost, I am an astrologer and I have been ~blessed~ with the opportunity to share my cosmic words of wisdom with you through my debut book HOW TO SPOT THE (STAR) SIGNS.

I have been studying astrology since I was just a wee lad and over the years I’ve managed to incorporate my penchant for the planets, stars and signs into my writing career. I have been a journalist for over ten years and have penned many a yarn about astrology and other spiritual topics for almost every publication I’ve worked for — including in my current role as Managing Editor of PEDESTRIAN.TV — and I’ve become a trusted source in all things mysticism.

Over the years, I’ve paid close attention to the style of astrology that punters like to consume. The current era of astrology — which has absolutely boomed thanks to social media and all those hilarious astrology memes that you and your mates constantly tag each other in — has proven two things:

  1. That astrology is no longer a niche topic, it’s now part of the mainstream and people are relying on it more than ever.
  2. We don’t want to be pandered to by astrology, we want to be roasted. We want spicy, savage truth bombs about ourselves (and those around us).

And that’s the beauty of astrology! It praises us for our endearing qualities and holds us accountable for our shitty ones.

With that in mind, I came up with the concept for a book that simplified astrological compatibility to help readers out when they need cosmic assistance on the go. Whether you’ve got a last-minute Tinder date and want to know if your signs are compatible. Or maybe you’ve just started a new job and want advice on navigating the workplace. Or maybe a friend or relative is doing your head in and you need to know how to manage their moods. HOW TO SPOT THE (STAR) SIGNS has all the answers to getting on with literally anyone, based on their sign.

Whether you’re a devout astrology lover or you’re astro-curious, this book is your spicy guide to the galaxy and all the people who reside within it.