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The Australian Book Design Awards longlist revealed!

February 23, 2021

The longlists for the Australian Book Design Awards, presented by the Australian Book Designers Association (ABDA), have been announced.

We are thrilled to share the Pan Macmillan longlisted  titles!

There’s a Zoo in My Poo by Felice Jacka and Rob Craw, designed by Billy Blue Creative for Best Designed Children’s Non-Fiction Illustrated Book

Crack Up by Jules Faber, designed by Billy Blue Creative for Best Designed Children’s Fiction Book

Where We Begin by Christie Nieman, designed by Astred Hicks, Design Cherry for Best Designed Young Adult Cover

I Give My Marriage a Year by Holly Wainwright, designed by Christa Moffitt, Christabella Designs for Best Designed Commercial Fiction Cover

The Naked Farmer by Ben Brooksby, designed by Laura Thomas for Best Designed Autobiography/Biography/Memoir Nonfiction Cover

Rebel Without a Clause by Sue Butler, designed by Alissa Dinallo for Best Designed Non-Fiction Book

To Asia With Love by Hetty McKinnon, designed by Daniel New for Best Designed Cookbook

To see the longlists for all categories, visit the ABDA website.

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