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10 bestsellers to read in 2020!

May 7, 2020

Have you read all ten of these bestselling books?

Having a hard time deciding what book to sink your teeth into? Australians have become time-rich amid COVID-19 restrictions and reading is a great way to stay entertained and productive. Reading is scientifically proven to reduce feelings of loneliness. So to help with the isolation boredom and blues, we’ve put together a list of bestselling must-reads to start reading and loving today!

We are gifting you sneak previews of some books ūüßź You’ll have to read the full list to find out where the snippets are! –

Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak

“A complex, big-hearted, multi-generational Australian epic”¬†Good Weekend¬†

The beloved Australian author of The Book Thief¬†brought to life the Dunbar family in his 2019 coming-of-age tale Bridge of Clay. The stunning contemporary novel set in suburban Sydney is a tale of familial love and resilience. Markus’s book is a #1 New York Times and international bestseller that is a must-read modern classic!

Click here to read a preview!

The Secret Runners of New York by Matthew Reilly

Veteran fantasy author Matthew Reilly brought YA book The Secret Runners of New York to life and to the bestsellers list! The story follows twin siblings who move to Manhattan amidst rumours of a global apocalypse. The sister/brother duo become entwined with an exclusive gang of youths. All appears normal until they find they have access to an underground portal that can transport them into the future.

Check out Matthew Reilly’s title reveal for his upcoming Jack West Jr novel!

The 117-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

Need to find a gift or entertaining resource for a loved little one? Author and illustrator duo Andy and Terry are the authors of the bestselling Treehouse series. In this installation of the Treehouse series, you’ll find a tiny-horse level, a pyjama-party room, an Underpants Museum, a photo-bombing booth, a waiting room, a Door of Doom, a circus, a giant-fighting-robot arena, a traffic school and a water-ski park filled with flesh-eating piranhas!

To introduce children to this incredible series here are free colouring-in pages from The 117-Storey Treehouse! Plus, listen to Andy on episode 3 of our podcast, What Should I…?

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

Contemporary fiction genius, Liane Moriarty’s latest novel Nine Perfect Strangers¬†is a killer read. Follow nine strangers at a health resort who are all there to rest, relax and recover. Unfortunately, the exotic Director of the Spa has a different idea about how they’ll spend their time. The Number One Sunday Times Bestseller is completely unmissable!

If you are ready to enter the Tranquillum House resort, here’s a sneak peek of the book!

The Year of the Farmer by Rosalie Ham

In this tight-knit rural Australian community, there’s a lack of rain but not a lack of secrets. Follow the residents of the once quiet farming town as a war starts between the farmers and the townies. This incredible story of love, justice and survival is set to Rosalie Ham’s romantic descriptions of rural Australia.

If you want a sneak peek of Rosalie’s incredible writing, check out an excerpt from her stunning novel, The Dressmaker.


The Lost Man by Jane Harper

Beloved author, Jane Harper, is the master of Aussie crime thrillers. Her 2019 mystery, The Lost Man is an award-winning New York Times Bestseller. The story follows three brothers, one death and the quest to find any answers. This crime thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat right to the very end.

Sink your teeth into this incredible story with a sneak peek available here! And check out the reveal for Jane’s upcoming book,¬†The Survivors.


Walk the Wire by David Baldacci

David Baldacci is a celebrated crime writer with books that keep you thrilled and guessing up to the final pages. Baldacci’s latest thriller, Walk the Wire is a praised top bestseller! The story follows FBI consultant Amos Decker as he investigates a town that is small but not lacking in secrets.

Check out the international book trailer from David Baldacci!


When All is Said & Done by Neale Daniher

Neale Daniher is an Australian AFL legend who co-started FightMND, an organisation that has provided $40million of funding to research in Motor Neurone Disease (MND). When Neale was diagnosed with MND in 2013, he sat down to write a letter to the grandchildren he’d never meet… and then kept writing.

When All is Said & Done¬†is a bestselling biography featuring Neale’s hard-earned wisdom about life. His lessons teach us about strength, resilience, humility and how to appreciate your time on earth. However long that may be.

Watch Neale talk about some of his life lessons here.

Ghosts of the Past by Tony Park

Tony Park’s 2019 adventure novel is an acclaimed bestseller that’ll keep you thrilled! Spanning two centuries, Ghosts of the Past is based on a true story! Follow Nick Eatweel and Anja Berghoff as they head to Africa on the trail of a legend from a different time as their lives and stories collide with epic consequences.

Click here to check out the stunning international book trailer!


The Last Paradise by Di Morrissey

Di Morrissey is one of Australia’s most prolific and successful authors. Di is a homegrown writer who is celebrated as the doyenne of women’s fiction in Australia. Di’s stunning 2019 novel, The Last Paradise is a bestselling story following a woman amidst her reinvention. Having seen the light about her husband, Grace leaves her world behind in tatters. Starting anew in a bucolic hidden paradise in Indonesia, Grace is ready to be in charge of her future again.

To help you fall in love with Grace’s story watch Di Morrissey talk about her love of Bali on 7News!

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