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What Should I…? podcast

What Should I…? podcast

Hosted by Edwina Bartholomew, What Should I… features one-on-one interviews with writers and educators, nutritionists and cooks, travellers and thinkers, who talk about what we should eat, think, or read, to live happier, more fulfilling lives, on the inside and out.

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For more information about our guests and the topics and to listen to each episode, see below:

What Should I Eat?

#1. What Should I Eat? with Silvia Colloca

In this episode, Edwina Bartholomew chats with Silvia Colloca about her passion for simple and delicious home-cooked Italian food. Silvia shares her food philosophy (keep it simple!), the importance of focussing on fresh, local produce, and how the magic of social media keeps foodies creative and connected. Plus, she gives her tips for the must-have items to keep in the pantry.

More information about Silvia and her books here.

#4.  What Should I Eat? with Damon Gameau

In this episode, Edwina Bartholomew chats with Damon Gameau about the environmental impacts of global food production — from packaging to water consumption to food waste. He talks about the importance of knowing where our food comes from, and provides suggestions on how we can help reduce our impact on the environment by making simple changes to the food we eat.

Find more information about Damon and his books here.


What Should I Think?

#2. What Should I Think? with Matthew Johnstone

In this episode, Edwina Bartholomew chats with Matthew Johnstone about how we can stress less. Matthew shares his experiences with stress and depression, and the moment he realised he needed to make some changes to his lifestyle. Plus, he outlines a roadmap for how we can start improving our health and wellbeing today — from meditation to exercise to practising small moments of mindfulness in our daily lives (and putting down our phones!).
More information about Matthew and his books here.

#5. What Should I Think? with Tim Cope

In this episode, Edwina Bartholomew chats with Tim Cope about carving his own path on the trail of Genghis Khan. Tim discusses his nomadic life and transcending the modern era to go back to basics during a three-year trip through Mongolia.  He shares how his dog and best friend, Tigon, and the people he met along the way taught him about the importance of community connection. Plus, he talks about reuniting with Tigon in Australia after the expedition and how his love for travel means he’ll continue moving until he can’t anymore.

For more information about Tim and his book, Tim & Tigon, click here.


What Should I Read?

#3 What Should I Read? with Andy Griffiths

In this episode, Edwina Bartholomew chats with bestselling children’s author Andy Griffiths about his imaginative and fun Treehouse book series. Andy believes that storytelling should be about laughter and fantasy, and he shares why the joy of reading is important for the whole family. Plus, he recounts how he managed to convince a generation of children to eat their veggies…

For more information about Andy and The Treehouse series click here.

#6 What Should I Read? with John Marsden

In this episode, Edwina Bartholomew  talks with John Marsden, the award-winning, internationally bestselling author and the founder of two schools. John shares his insights and philosophies into what growing up, parenting, and education in the 21st century looks like and he reminds us that while your child and your parenting aren’t going to be perfect all of the time, we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. 

For more information about John and his books click here.