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12 Christmas suggestions for everyone you have to buy for this year!

December 11, 2019

Christmas suggestions for everyone you have to buy for in 2019!

Have you left your Christmas shopping to the last minute? The year went by in a flash and with just two weeks until Christmas, it’s time to cross all the gifts off your list! Luckily for you, books are a fail-safe genre of gift – there’s something for even the fussiest of recipients. This is our foolproof guide to Christmas gifting for 2019.

1. For the drama queen (or king) in your life 🤩

Elton John‘s autobiography, Me, was one of 2019’s biggest launches. The enigmatic Sir Elton John is a pop icon, with a music career spanning decades and 30 albums. Me is perfect for your dramatic, messy friends who love to hear a little whispered gossip! Elton spills many secrets including detailing incidents with other massive celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Princess Diana. Wrap this book in a feather boa and it’s a stellar Christmas gift!











2. Something for adventurous children 🏡

Most of us have children, nieces or nephews or friends with kids to buy for this Christmas. Save yourself the trouble of searching for the latest kid-approved fad and instead grab them the best homegrown children’s book of 2019, The 117-Storey Treehouse! The phenomenal, sales-record-smashing, award-winning Treehouse series is something you can buy in bulk for every kid this Christmas!











3. A gift for your fantasy-obsessed friends 🧙‍♀️

If you have a friend who is just obsessed with fantasy, all you need to do is name-drop Robert Jordan and they will go nuts! Warrior of the Altaii is Jordan’s never-before-published first novel. Warrior of the Altaii is perfect for fans of Branden Sanderson, Raymond E. Feist, Patrick Rothfuss and George R.R Martin.











4. A pressie for a murder mystery, whodunnit fan 🔎

Her name is Atlee Pine, the latest creation from bestselling author David Baldacci. She has unstoppable tenacity, always a fighter who is unwilling to cede any ground. She has endured real nightmares and she has the emotional and physical scars to show for it. And she got that long before she became an adult. Get addicted to Baldacci’s newest series with the first novel, Long Road to MercyThe sequel, A Minute to Midnight was one of 2019’s best books!











5. A good read for that loved one who always cries in movies 💏

Di Morrissey is Australia’s favourite storyteller. She’s one of the most successful and prolific authors in Australia. Her novels are inspiring, beautiful and heartbreaking. They are also the perfect gift! Di’s latest and greatest novel, The Last Paradise will take you on a journey of self-discovery and love.











6. An autobiography for your friend in need of life inspiration 🦉

After a 2013 diagnosis, AFL legend Neale Daniher sat down to pen a letter to the grandchildren he’ll never get to know. And then he kept on writing. Neale was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, a cruel and incurable condition. He knew he had a choice, he could spend his remaining time focused on himself, or he could seize the opportunity to make a better future for others. When All is Said & Done is a book of stories and wisdom from a man who has always held his beliefs to the Bunsen burner of life.












7. A must-have for your health-conscious pal 🥦

Chef Pete Evans has been the #1 selling Australian health and wholefood author for the past three years! His tasty and healthy cooking has made him the darling of Australian clean-eaters. The perfect gift for your health-conscious friend is Dinner in 5. Each dish has 5 or fewer ingredients and includes optional extras from those who want to take things up a notch!











8. A book for your farm-loving friend 👨‍🌾

Wearing Paper Dresses is the debut novel from Australian author, Anne Brinsden, set against the harsh but stunning backdrop of rural 1950s Australia, it’s a beautifully complex tale!











9. A heaven-sent gift for the math-hating (and math-loving!) child 👩‍🏫

A bumper book of fun with maths stuffed with things to draw, puzzle, invent, order, unscramble, code, decode for kids aged 7+ years from Australia’s best-known maths man. There’s magic in maths – if you know where to look… Eddie Woo’s Magical Maths will inspire and charm children into loving maths!











10. A read for your history-loving mate 🌏

It’s been almost fifty years since a teenage David Gulpilil illuminated screens worldwide with his breakout role in Walkabout. It was one of the first times we’d seen an Aboriginal person cast in a significant role and only four years after Holt’s referendum to alter the constitution and give Indigenous people citizenship and, subsequently, the right to vote. Derek Rielly builds a narrative around his attempt to encapsulate the most beguiling and unconventional of Australian entertainers, observing Gulpilil‘s own attempt to find a place in the world.











11. A cookbook for the resident vegan 🥕

There’s at least one vegan in every family! Regardless of your food philosophy, one thing we can all agree on is that we need to eat more plants. In Eat More Vegan, Luke Hines shares 100 plant-based recipes that are packed with flavour, full of vibrant colour and bursting with nutrition.











12. A gift for the true-crime fanatic 🕵️‍♀️

Nothing Ventured heralds the start of a brand new series in the style of Jeffrey Archer‘s number one Sunday Times bestselling The Clifton Chronicles: telling the story of the life of William Warwick – as a family man and a detective who will battle throughout his career against a powerful criminal nemesis.