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  • ISBN: 9781741987492
  • Format: eBook
  • Pub Date: 01/09/2009
  • Category: Biography & True Stories / Biography: general
  • Imprint: Macmillan Australia
  • Price: $16.99

Kevin Richardson has been dubbed "The Lion Whisperer". It's a title he doesn't like, but how else can you label his extraordinary relationship with these beautiful yet deadly animals?

As a zoologist and animal behaviourist, he works at a lion park in South Africa. Here he has formed incredible relationships with the big cats - playing with them, lying down with them, being included in every part of their lives as "one of the pride". Those who work with lions in the traditional way - using sticks, chains and coercion - call him crazy. But Kevin's ability to get inside the head of a lion, using love, patience and a unique empathy, have kept him safe in situations that would result in certain death to anyone else.

This is Kevin's incredible story. How a man could become part of a lion pride, and a fascinating insight into the lives of one of the world's most beautiful and powerful animals.

Author Information

Kevin Richardson was born in Johannesburg in 1974. He works as an animal behaviourist at The Lion Park, one of South Africa's best-known lion habitats. He has been involved in a number of successful film and documentary projects involving his work with the big cats, including The White Lion and Dangerous Companions. This is his first book.