Warrior Queen: Battle Boy 16


Book Information

  • ISBN: 9781742629018
  • Format: eBook
  • Pub Date: 01/01/2012
  • Category: Children's, Teenage & educational / General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
    Junior Fiction / Junior
  • Imprint: Macmillan Australia
  • Price: $3.99


Agent's profile:
Code name: Battle Boy 005 (BB005)
Real name: Napoleon Augustus Smythe
Age: 11 years old
Assignment: Operation Battle Book
Controller: Professor Juanita Perdu
Duty: To operate as a Human Data-Collecting Device (HD-CD)
Survival gear: SimulSkin (high-tech, skin-coloured body armour), Battle Watch and assorted gadgets
Mission directive: To spy on the past
Mission 16: Warrior Queen
Book no. 145: Boudicea's Uprising - AD 60-61

Mission objective: In this special Verge Volume - containing multiple battles - BB005 must navigate his way through time and space to locate Queen Boadicea of the Iceni tribe, who led an uprising against the occupying Roman Empire. BB005 must return the Great Torc to Boudicea before the final battle so that history remains on course!

Author Information

To protect the identity of his military sources, very little can be revealed about Charlie Carter. We can, however, say this: he is a well known operative in the field of children's books.