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The Boy You Brought Home


Book Information

  • ISBN: 9781743346303
  • Format: eBook
  • Pub Date: 01/07/2002
  • Category: Health & personal development / Advice on parenting
  • Imprint: Macmillan Australia
  • Price: $9.99

From John Marsden, the highly-acclaimed and bestselling author of Secret Men's Business, comes a practical guide to help single mothers enjoy and celebrate raising their sons. Drawing on his years as teacher and mentor to young people, John Marsden follows the child from baby to young man and identifies 101 important steps in fostering a boy's developing masculinity.

Written with humour and compassion, John understands what it means to be a boy and how to help a boy grow into a well-adjusted man.

RECENT STATISTICS from the Australian Bureau of Statistics:
- Out of Australia's 4.6 million children aged under eighteen, 1.1 million children live with only one of their natural parents, usually as a result of relationship or marriage breakdown.

- The vast majority of children, who had a natural parent living elsewhere, were in the sole care of the parent with whom they lived, while 3 per cent of children had parents who shared care more evenly between them.

- In April 1997, there were 978,000 Australian children who were living with one natural parent and who had a natural parent living elsewhere. The vast majority (88%) lived with their natural mother in either one-parent families (68%) or in step or blended families (20%).

Author Information

John Marsden is Australia's bestselling author for teenagers and a highly acclaimed picture book writer. His titles include Winter, The Head Book, The Boy You Brought Home and Millie.

John Marsden lives at the Tye Estate, just outside of Melbourne, where he opened a school called Candlebark in January 2006. The school currently has 52 students, ranging from Prep to Year 7.

John Marsden has written more than 40 books, mostly for teenagers and children, including Tomorrow When the War Began, So Much to Tell You, and Letters from the Inside. He has sold over five million books worldwide, and has won every major award in Australia for young people's fiction.

South of Darkness, written for adults, won the Christina Stead Award for Best Novel of 2015. In August 2019, John's newest book, The Art of Growing Up, a non-fiction work about education and parenting, will be published.

John's passionate interest in education led him to start two schools, Candlebark, on a vast forested estate near Romsey Victoria, and Alice Miller, at Macedon, a Year 7-12 school with a particular emphasis on the creative arts. The two schools enrol 380 students in 2019.