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  • Pub Date: 30/10/2018
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Visiting Tokyo, whether for the first, second or hundredth time, is a life-changing experience. As a city, it's dynamic, exciting and resolutely individual - a mesmerising and unrivalled parade of fashion, design, architecture, and high culture experiences and, of course, the best pop culture in the world. It's also a city of fascinating contrasts; whether you're standing in the middle of the Shibuya scramble, a blur of pedestrians rushing by, or standing before a small shrine, quiet and contemplative, you will feel Tokyo's intensity.

This stunning travel and cultural guide is a celebration of the roots and the marvels of contemporary Tokyo. It's a tightly curated list of must-see places and experiences and must-do walks as well as the authors' tried-and-tested favourites. It's for people who want to get an up close and personal look at the real Tokyo - the food, the crafts, the hidden finds, the architectural marvels, where to go to get into the thick of it and where to go to escape the madness.

This is a specially formatted fixed-layout ebook that retains the look and feel of the print book.

Author Information

Steve Wide is a writer and DJ. He has interviewed countless UK music artists and is the author of six books on music, travel and pop culture.

Michelle Mackintosh is a multi-award-winning book designer and illustrator and has designed dozens of books on a wide range of topics, from cookbooks and craft to city guides and diaries.

Steve and Michelle are huge Japanophiles. They spend around three months of the year in Tokyo - their home away from home.Together, they have written, photographed and designed three books on Japanese culture: Tokyo Precincts (2015), Kyoto Pocket Precincts (2017) and Onsen of Japan (2018).